Its my birthday today
But I can t be happy and gay
Because my mind is astray
Whenever your away

Why aren t you here today?
Its a very special day
Are you that busy?
or you just wanted to hurt me?

I wanted to be with you
my heart yearns for you
What am I going to do?
I don t even have a clue

I have food and drinks for everybody
Lights and music to dance your booty
I have gifts from my peers
A hotel reception flowing with beer

I have everything for a celebrant
but how can I maintain this smiling front
If your not here by my side
In this birthday my heart has died

I wanted to see your smile
and for that I will rejoice
I will go the extra mile
Just to hear your voice

If I have one wish for today
I wish for you to be here by my side to stay
for me everything is nothing
It is you what my heart is wanting...

Happy birthday to me!
__1st name__ __last name__ has a birthday.
Hip, hip, hooray!
And on her cake, she has _#&35;_ candles.

What a happy day!
With a puff puff here
And a puff puff there,
Here a puff

There a puff
Everywhere a puff puff
__1st name__ __last name__ has a birthday.
Hip, hip, hooray!

Happy Birthday mom
You reached number forty-seven
In five years or more
You might go to heaven

Ok, I m kidding
I love you to death
You are the reason I am living
You are in my every breath

You take away my worries
And bring me some on the way
Ok, so you cause me drama
But you re here to stay

When I m alone
Or when I m in the dark
With you, I m home
On me, you leave a mark

When a guy finds me
He won t be here for long
Because with you around
You ll be sure he s wrong

So what I m trying to say, mom
Is I totally love you
I love the way you care so much
And everything you do

I guess I ll be nice
Just for today
Enjoy it now mom
Happy Birthday!!

A time of the door
Breath the air by yourself nose
Touch the air by yourself hand
Sound the air by yourself voice

A time of the door
Feel the happiness by yourself heart
Feel the sadness by yourself heart
Feel the tears by yourself eyes

Life Life harder
Live Live longer
Love Love bigger!

Happy Birthday from me to you
I also love you this true
Wishing you another year
Full of joy,happiness, and without many tears

This is your special day
And I just wanted to say
To someone who is special to me
In every way as you can see

Your life holds an extraordinary fate
Hope I didn t say it too late
And I know that it is you
Because deep down you know it to

If I had some more time
I would tell you more of whats on my mine
But seems I m out
This will be my last shout.

Happy Birthday Sis!
Your the kinda person they would call ONE IN A MILLION.
Your always there especially when I need you most.
You never let me down,

and I know you never will.
We have been through alot and always strong even at our weakest times you always had those comforting words to tell me to assure me it was going to be alright and now that I have you,

Happy Birthday Sis

Happy birthday
Theres so many way to express it
I want you to have the wonderful birthday
And by the way everything will be okay

I know you have suffer in your birthday
But don t worry I will always make you happy because you know I have so many ways
I will make sure you will be happy
And I will make you a cake instead of putting your name I will put FLUFFY

I just want to know that you have the best day
I want to make sure you have something to say
I will always cheer you up
So don t be unset and move on

I just on thing to say
Happy birthday Luis and have a nice day.

On your Birthday
Many Words To Say
Many feelings to show
Many pictures to draw

I need to be there by your side
So i can hear your heartbeats when your wishing
To feel your breath when your blowing
To let you taste how sweet the cake is giving

To take you aside and give you a kiss under the light
So i can see you smile after that
And say that you have never had sweeter than that
To take my hand and move around

Talk to people and laugh around
To dance alone when people are gone
To sleep in your arms and feel safe
So I ll Be There every year

TO Let You Have The Best Bday You ve Ever Seen

You will surely have,
all the attention in the world.
Old buddies will catch up,

Surprises will pop up,
packages will drop in,
Wishes will pour in.
Hope one more candle to your cake,

Adds one more feather in your cap.
To me,you are always special,
Not just today, but year long.
May be a hint more this day,

coz your birth, I rejoice too!
Before eleventh hour strikes,
Make three wishes to come true,
Now close your eyes and listen me sing,
happy, happy 23rd birthday to you!

Happy birthday baby
and I wish you many more
consecutively getting better
then the ones you ve had before.

I hope everything goes perfectly
and that the gifts are great
that the accumulation
is increasing at a very steady rate.

I hope the cake is delicious
Topped with all kinds of sweet
Right out of a fairy tale
mouth watering to eat.

Because today we celebrate
a very special day
one that s all for you
and I hope it goes your way!
Happy birthday!!

Today is your day,
you re on your way,
no longer a girl
and almost a young lady.

Today is the start
of a wonderous journey
of learning and growing
and beautiful discovery.

Growing up into the grown world,
never forget who you are
or where you come from,
your past will also be part of your future.

Today you are a teen,
Happy Birthday to You.

Unwanted happiness forced on you,
Like someone else s political opinion
You like the attention, But
Hate their uncaring congratulations.

I put myself in a different day.
I act like its not my birthday,
And then the pain fades.
Summer isn t the only thing breaking.

Emotions can make the toughest man weep
So I hide them away and bury them deep
The only birthday wish that I condone
Is to be happy, healthy and not alone

Etched on the life milestone as twenty three,
In the sky of opportunities,
Give wings to your dreams and set it free,
Gifted to don respectful roles,

As Daughter, Sister, Wife and Mother,
Balance each act with passionate soul,
Time will tell who you are,
Prepare for you life,

If you aspire to travel far,
Hone your skills, set the right tone,
Take a confident stroll on the desired path,
Wish you every mile a special milestone.

One life one love..
You are the love of my life, its pretty simple to say
Your the one that I think of each and everyday.

I need you like a heart needs a beat needless to say, There isn t a doubt in my mind that my feelings won t stay.
One special day where it s all about you,
to celebrate the twenty years you ve made it through.

The Birthday Cow
Happy Mooday to you,
Happy Mooday to you.

Happy Mooday
Dear Yooday,
Happy Mooday to you!

Английские поздравления с днем рождения

Какого бы возраста не был человек, он всегда ждёт дня рождения с нетерпением. Почему? Да потому что мы с детства привыкли, что именно в этот день исполняются все наши желания и сбываются мечты. Даже взрослые люди, чей возраст насчитывает ни один десяток лет, в день рождения превращаются в маленьких восторженных детей.

Они стараются собрать за общим столом всех близких и любимых людей – детей, родителей, братьев и сестёр, старых друзей. И с нетерпением ждут подарков и поздравлений. Выбрать хорошее поздравление не так просто, как кажется на первый взгляд. Каждое слово имеет своё значение и свою энергетику, слова нельзя вернуть, если вы вдруг поняли, что сказали что-то невпопад.

Неудачное поздравление способно испортить весь вечер, оставив в душе гостей и именинника чувство разочарования. Сейчас можно найти поздравления на любой вкус - задорные, шуточные, в виде стихов или песен и даже оригинальные английские пожелания с днём рождения. Пожелания на иностранном языке способны удивить именинника и надолго ему запомниться.

Английские поздравления с днем рождения пользуются популярностью ещё и потому, что этот язык известен многим, и перевести слова не составит особого труда. Тот, кто учился в школе на «отлично» или просто в совершенстве знает английский, может написать текст самостоятельно.

Главное – выбрать известные слова и знакомые фразы, а не углубляться в лексические дебри, чтобы именинник смог разобрать написанное. Все остальные могут воспользоваться широко распространёнными готовыми вариантами из специальных изданий или сети Интернет. Частенько английские поздравления с днем рождения состоят из известных песен и стихов. Слова и фразы, которые там встречаются, отличаются простой лексикой и знакомы многим.
Внимание! При копировании указание автора и прямая ссылка на сайт Поздравления с Днем рождения обязательна!
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